AI advertising

Computer vision-based targeted advertising for indoor and outdoor digital signages

How it works


Digital signage shall be equipped with video camera

Camera detects people

Camera detects people walking by

Man parameters

Cropped images of each person are analyzed by computer vision module to extract features for targeting


The system chooses most suitable advertisement based on received features and duration of person being in view

Screen with advertisement

Advertisement is shown on screen for a person



Possibility to create systems with payment based on the number of targeted ad views.

Online control

Manage your ad campaigns in real time via a web.

Intelligent targeting

The system analyzes a person’s appearance using computer vision technologies therefore building effective targeting.

Real contacts

The system accounts only real audience contacts with targeted ad. Possibility to conduct a full analysis of the completed advertising campaigns.


Possibility to forecast amount of targeted impressions for signage with exact location.

Usual targeting

Targeting based on non-individualized features as weather, date, time of day, location.

Targeting parameters


  • Sex
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Clothing size


  • Clothing and shoes parameters: type, fabric, style
  • Search and comparison to the most similar clothing items from database
  • Accessories: glasses, bags, backpacks
  • Items hold hands: food, drinks, phones
  • Hairstyles, makeup


  • Frequency of appearance of exact person in location of signage
  • Time of regular interaction with signage
  • Last interaction with signage


  • Groups of people: couples, families, children, tourists
  • Personal vehicles: scooters, bikes, rollerskates, skateboards
  • Pets


For signage owners

  • Enhancing the effectiveness of signage for clients
  • The increase in the number of clients for one signage without efficiency losses for advertisers
  • Convenient platform for managing advertisements

For advertisers

  • Enhancing the effectiveness of advertising
  • Appeal to narrow target audience
  • Calculation of contacts with audience
  • Detailed analytics


System architecture

Use cases

A child plays with the toys
Children's products

Parents with children recognition to advertise children's products.


Tourist groups recognition for souvenirs and tours advertising.

Big size clothes
Non-Standard clothing sizes

Recognition of people with non-standard clothing sizes for plus-size clothing advertising.


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